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Photo gallery of Joshua Tree National Park pictures photographed by professional photographer Rolf Hicker.

A desert park situated in southern California, Joshua Tree National Park is more than just desert, it is a park covering an area of 794,000 acres which is home to a large variety of plants and animals.

Shaped by the harsh desert elements, rock formations and terrain are subjected to strong winds, torrential rain, blazing sun, and cold nights.

Joshua Tree National Park has a rich history. There was a time when this desert park was green and mesquite beans, acorns and pinyon nuts grew here. Actually many plants that look as though they've succumbed to the unrelenting heat and dry conditions of the desert are only waiting, lying dormant until the next torrential rain brings moisture and an opportunity to bloom again.

Though the desert landscape of Joshua Tree National Park seems harsh and uninviting, it is actually a delicate and fragile land.

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The sky with its pastel shades of salmon and electric blue provides a vivid background for the perfect silhouette of...
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A rock in the shape of a skull partially obscured by surrounding bushes, Skull Rock is a popular tourist spot...
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A jumping cholla cactus basks under the strong desert sun on a cloudless day in Joshua Tree National Park, California...
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The bright white moon hangs in a vivid blue sky and peers through a series of rock formations in Joshua Tree National...
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A Joshua Tree stands amid interesting...
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A flat gravel road, flanked by Joshua...
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The bright white moon rises up in the...
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A joshua tree is silhouetted by...
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Standing out vividly against the deep...
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Picture of a claret cup cactus in...
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Panoramic Picture of Joshua Tree...
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The Joshua Tree is the largest member...
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The silhoutte of Joshua Trees in the...
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