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Photo gallery of new photo releases by professional photographer Rolf Hicker - a mix of wildlife, nature and travel photos from around the world.

I upload new pictures to my website almost on a daily basis. In this photo gallery you see a collection of my stock as well as fine art photos which I uploaded in the last 30 days. I'm trying to create a interesting page by showing a wide range of my digital photos but I also try to show a few pictures of the same theme. Most of the photos here are done in a photo blog style, which means you find some more detailed information on the photo page itself.

All of my new activated photos are also available as free high resolution wallpapers (computer backgrounds) for your computer screen. Just follow the link on the picture page "free wallpaper".

I hope you enjoy my new photo releases! Thanks for checking them out!

A large Humpback whale bubble net feeding with its mouth wide open, sea gulls joining the party, photographed in...
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A northern resident killer whale pod (orcas) enjoying a beautiful sunset in a resting line in Johnstone Strait,...
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An alert Grizzly Bear mom keeps standing up and looking out for males in order to protect her cubs in Great Bear...
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A fully grown transient killer whale (Orcinus orca) breaching after killing and eating a sea lion, the British...
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A very special and seldom sight, a grizzly bear mom nursing her little cub, photographed in the Great Bear...
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A classic photograph of a bald eagle a split second awaya from catching a fish.
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Especially powerful is Millard Creek waterfall after heavy rainfall, on sunny days it often creates a wonderful rainbow.
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Always a welcome "add-on" on my photo tours are a bunch of Steller sea lions, aka Eumetopias jubatus, they are a lot...
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Pacific white sided dolphin mom...
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A family pod of killer whales (orcas)...
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Vancouver Island
British Columbia

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