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Photo: Seaside Oregon Coast Vacations

A sign at the Seaside Promenade along the Oregon coast, a popular destination for summer time vacations.

The stunning light off the water from the sun and a hillside in the background makes up a small piece of the stunning scenery of Seaside, Oregon in the United States. The town of Seaside situated along Highway 101 on the Oregon coast is like a diamond in the ruff, as once you have been here, you may never want to leave.

Seaside, Oregon is a spectacular town that sits along three miles of sandy beaches and has an endless list of things to offer tourists that come here for their vacations. The parks are amazing when kids need to take time out of your busy schedule or enjoy a walk along the Seaside Promenade, which begins at this sign where a statue of Lewis and Clark is displayed.

This hike along the Seaside Promenade overlooking the Oregon coast is about a 3.5 mile loop walk that is fairly enjoyable for everyone as there are no hills either up or down. The walkway is fairly wide so that you never feel crowded by all the people that wander along the Seaside Promenade. ... continue below the picture...

Seaside Oregon Coast Vacations

Seaside Oregon Coast Vacations
Photo of a dream vacation destination with a sign displayed at the onset of the Seaside along the Oregon Coast in the USA.

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Seaside Oregon Coast Vacations


The scenery along the Seaside walk, overlooking the Oregon Coast, takes you past hotels, grassy areas, an aquarium, historical cottages and then back along the sandy beach past a lighthouse. If you plan your day right and head to the waterfront near sunset, you can watch the Oregon Coast light up in array of colors before the sun calls an end to the day.

Vacations along the Oregon coast are outstanding at any time of year, but summer months gives you a chance to really enjoy this stroll along the Seaside Promenade under sunny skies.Seaside, Oregon, Oregon Coast, Highway 101, USA, North America,

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Seaside Oregon Coast Vacations
A sign at the Seaside Promenade along the Oregon coast, a popular destination for summer time vacations.
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