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Photo: Redwood Forest California USA

The moss covered bark of a Redwood tree in the magical world of the Humboldt Forest in California, USA.

Majestic redwood trees grow amongst the Humboldt Forest in California, USA and tower over the walkways and roads throughout the park. A drive along the Avenue of the Giants in California, USA is about thirty-two miles long that takes you amongst some of the most impressive Redwood trees which are an average age of about 500.

You can stop along any of the pullouts on the road and follow the footpaths into the wilderness of the redwood trees where you can examine how the moss and vegetation of the forest grows. The soil of the forest is very complex which aids in the growth of the Redwood trees as well as the various types of fungi, moss, greenery and other types of trees that adorn the California forest.

The temperature throughout the Humboldt Forest in California, USA stays between forty and sixty degrees all year with winters that are cool and summers being a fair bit warmer. The fog encompasses the forest full of Redwood trees in the summer which keeps the dampness lingering in the forest, allowing the moss to continue to grow. ... continue below the picture...

Redwood Forest California USA

Redwood Forest California USA
Photo of the moss that thrives on a tree in the Redwood Forest in California, USA.

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... In the 1800's, redwood trees were being axed down throughout the forest when people used the trees as their source of lumber. By the 1900's, the redwood forest had been reduced considerably and steps were taken to protect these trees from any further damage.

When you wander through the Humboldt Forest in California, USA, you will be stunned when you see how massive each Redwood tree is and how delicately the moss grows on the bark of each tree. A greater understanding of the beauty of the Redwood Forest is brought to one's attention when you see the park for yourself.

Redwood Trees, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, Avenue of the Giants, Mattole Road, California, USA, North America

Technical Information:
I photographed this photo with the digital SLR camera model Canon EOS-1DS, aperture of f/8.0, exposure time of 5/2 sec. on ISO 100, as always I used a original Canon Lens, the focus lenght for this picture was 180mm.

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Redwood Forest California USA
The moss covered bark of a Redwood tree in the magical world of the Humboldt Forest in California, USA.
Rolf Hicker
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