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Photo: Manitoba Polar Bears Playing

Two polar bears spend the day play fighting in their natural habitat in Churchill, Manitoba in Canada.

Polar bears love playing and hugging each other during friendly sparring moments on the ice formations in Churchill, Manitoba and at other times they can be wrestling and fighting to the bitter end. The polar bears of Churchill, Manitoba occupy a spit of land that provides the fastest access onto the ice where they spend the months of October and November congregating in large numbers.

When the ice is stable enough, they disperse over a wide area and hunt seals and other marine mammals during the winter months. Polar bears are incredibly strong swimmers and they spend an enormous amount of time in the icy cold waters of the Arctic in Manitoba in search of food and playing and relating to each other.

Young polar bears are very amusing to watch while they are playing as they chase and tackle each other. The mother Polar bear always keeps a close eye on her cubs while they are playing on the icy tundra of Manitoba to make sure that there is not any danger approaching. ... continue below the picture...

Manitoba Polar Bears Playing

Manitoba Polar Bears Playing
Photo of polar bears playing on the icy tundra in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

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Manitoba Polar Bears Playing


Churchill, Manitoba is known as the "Polar Bear Capital of the World" where you can board a specially designed vehicle called the Tundra Buggy to get a closer look at polar bears playing, feeding and resting. The people of Churchill, Manitoba have created an incredible experience for tourists in a comfortable and safe form of transportation so that people can get a birds eye view of what polars bears do in their natural environment.

Polar Bears hugging, Polar Bears, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

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Manitoba Polar Bears Playing
Two polar bears spend the day play fighting in their natural habitat in Churchill, Manitoba in Canada.
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