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Photo: Lucchio Village Tuscany

The village of Lucchio clinging to the side of a cliff in Tuscany, Italy in Europe.

The village of Lucchio in Tuscany, Italy clings to the side of a steep cliff giving the impression that cliff and houses are one and the same. The views of the Lima valley and the surrounding mountains are spectacular.

In the 14th century the nearby city of Lucca made the Lucchio castle the main defensive stronghold to guard the border toward Pistola. Even as far back as the 11th century the castle of Lucchio was one of the best fortifications in all of Tuscany.

The village of Lucchio in Italy has streets that are so steep that the front doors of the houses are built into the upper floors. It is said (maybe with tongue in cheek) that hens have bags tied to their tails to catch the eggs before they roll down the cliff, and children are tied to a rope when they go outside to play.

The trout fishing and rafting are popular activities on the Lima River in the valley below Lucchio and hopefully one will not find too many eggs!!

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Lucchio Village Tuscany

Lucchio Village Tuscany
Photo of the village of Lucchio in Tuscany, Italy in Europe surrounded by lush green hills.

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Lucchio Village Tuscany

... , Italy, Europe.

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Lucchio Village Tuscany
The village of Lucchio clinging to the side of a cliff in Tuscany, Italy in Europe.
Rolf Hicker
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