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Photo: Log Barge British Columbia

A log barge makes it way through the ocean waters towed by a tug boat in British Columbia, Canada.

Thousands of trees are logged annually and loaded onto a log barge by cranes and taken to various docks in British Columbia as well as the United States. A tug boat pulls this barge loaded with freshly cut trees or newly fallen trees through the Inside Passage of British Columbia, Canada.As this giant log barge is loaded, it must be ensured that the logs are secured tightly so they do not fall off during their journey. Logs of this size can be an extreme hazard to other water vessels cruising the waters of Johnston Strait in British Columbia.In past years you would see a lot more log rafts being pulled by tugs but they have slowly been diminishing over the years. Today you will see a massive barge such as this, loaded with cut trees.Environmentalists have been trying to save rainforests and old growth trees from being logged which has been a small part in why some of the mills have shutdown. ... continue below the picture...

Log Barge British Columbia

Log Barge British Columbia
Photo of a large barge being guided by a tug boat in British Columbia, Canada.

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Log Barge British Columbia

... Recycling has become a much bigger part of everyday life and this helps in the health and economy of the world.Unfortunately, trees will always have to be cut down and a log barge will always be seen on the ocean. People that give all their effort in stopping loggers from cutting trees down anywhere and everywhere in British Columbia is a positive step in saving some of the natural wilderness.Log Barge, British Columbia, Canada, North America

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Log Barge British Columbia
A log barge makes it way through the ocean waters towed by a tug boat in British Columbia, Canada.
Rolf Hicker
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