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Photo: Cute Baby Black Bear

The cute face of this baby black bear is what wildlife is all about in Ontario, Canada.

This cute baby black bear has been left alone for a short period of time while its mother searches the forest in Ontario, Canada for some food. The mother black bear will leave its baby in a safe and protected area of the forest while she is gone.

If there is any sign of danger then the mother will grunt to her baby and the black bear knows to immediately search for a safe place to hide. Usually they will climb a tree which is one task that they are taught when they are very young.

A baby black bear is usually about 200 to 450 grams when it is born and grows at a fairly rapid rate. The eyes of a young baby give its facial expression a sad look and its rounded ears stand alert. At this stage of their life, their fur has grown to give the bear a furry, soft appearance and their overall size and features are so cute that it is hard not to be tempted to get closer. But as we all know, that is not a wise decision and should never be tried as the mother is not far away. ... continue below the picture...

Cute Baby Black Bear

Cute Baby Black Bear
Photo of a cute baby black bear in the woods in Ontario, Canada.

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The mother black bear will nurture and tend to her baby until they are about a year and a half old and then they venture out on their own. If the mother teaches this cute little guy the proper techniques on how to find food, how to protect himself from danger and how to find a den, then the chances of survival are extremely high.

A Black Bear cub, Ontario, Canada, North America.

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Cute Baby Black Bear
The cute face of this baby black bear is what wildlife is all about in Ontario, Canada.
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