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Photo: Chinatown Incense Toronto

The shops in Chinatown in downtown Toronto, Ontario has many scents of incense on display.

Chinatown in downtown Toronto, Ontario is a place where many tourists come to shop for an assortment of gifts. Many people stop to see the displays of incense and smell the different aromas but of course each person has their own preference.

Incense has always had an important significance to the Chinese people that originally started from some trees that were shipped from Vietnam to Hong Kong. The trees thrived in the rich soil and the wood from the incense trees was gathered and soon incense was being exported to places around the world.

Incense comes in many shapes and sizes and can be used in either a direct burning or indirect burning technique. In Chinatown in Toronto you will find stick, granulated and cone incense which is what you need for use in the comfort of your home.

Repelling mosquitoes or other pesky bugs is another popular use for incense in the summer months. Incense has also been used for years in religious ceremonies in many different cultures. ... continue below the picture...

Chinatown Incense Toronto

Chinatown Incense Toronto
Photo of incense for sale in Chinatown in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

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Chinatown Incense Toronto

... Chinatown in Toronto, Ontario is one of the finest places in Canada to buy incense where you can purchase single pieces or gift sets.

Incense for sale in Chinatown in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, North America.

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Chinatown Incense Toronto
The shops in Chinatown in downtown Toronto, Ontario has many scents of incense on display.
Rolf Hicker
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