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Photo: Chili Peppers Chinatown

Chili peppers hang from a line in Chinatown in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

Chili peppers are a delicious food source that is grown around the world which people use for spices, vegetables or a medicine. Fresh chili peppers are on display in Chinatown, Toronto and do not last long as many visitors buy them on a regular basis.

Many varieties of peppers exist and each one is named differently across the various regions of the world. The word chili usually refers to the hotter types of peppers that range in size, taste and degree of hotness.

These chili peppers are known as the cayenne which is a long thin fruit used regularly in China and India. It is dried on a line and then grounded down into powder for seasonings or pulped and baked into cakes. The Cayenne pepper has also be used as a medicine for thousands of years which aided in the healing of a variety of different illnesses.

Chinatown in Toronto, Ontario is the perfect place to purchase chili peppers with each type being sold at a fairly reasonable price. ... continue below the picture...

Chili Peppers Chinatown

Chili Peppers Chinatown
Photo of chili peppers in Chinatown in Toronto, Ontario.

Pictures from photo gallery "Pictures Of Kensington Market Toronto"

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Chili Peppers Chinatown

... Chinatown is always a treat to visit while in Toronto, Ontario but weekdays are usually quieter than the weekends.

Chili Peppers, Chinatown, Toronto

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Chili Peppers Chinatown
Chili peppers hang from a line in Chinatown in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.
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Capsicum annuum
Rolf Hicker
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