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Photo: Antelope

A herd of antelope along Highway 89A in Arizona, USA.

Whether this herd of Pronghorn Antelope, Antilocapra americana, saw or heard us first is debatable however it is thought that the Pronghorn has very good eyesight because of the size of their eyes and location on their heads. Both male and female of the species have horns although the horns of a doe is much smaller than the bucks. This herd of Antelope were grazing in a field near Prescot along Highway 89A in Arizona, USA.


Photo of a herd of Pronghorn Antelope on the run in Arizona, USA.

Pictures from photo gallery "Hydrochaerus Hydrochaeris"

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Technical Information:
I photographed this photo with the digital SLR camera model Canon EOS-1DS, aperture of f/11.0, exposure time of 1/60 sec. on ISO 100, as always I used a original Canon Lens, the focus lenght for this picture was 400mm.

Stock Photo
A herd of antelope along Highway 89A in Arizona, USA.
Scientific Name
Antilocapra americana
Rolf Hicker
Stock Photo ID
t2795 - Antelope

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