Photo: Monument Valley Silhouette Scenic Landscape Panorama

Colorful sunrise behind the scenic landscape of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, a classic movie set silhouette captured in high resolution panorama format.

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Monument Valley Silhouette Scenic Landscape Panorama
Scenic panorama landscape photo of Monument Valley and the famous "buttes" at sunrise, USA.

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The beautiful scenic panorama silhouette of Monument Valley is highlighted by a colorful sunrise along the northern Arizona and southern Utah borderline. The official name for this unique landscape is Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, which means in the Navajo language "Valley of the rocks".

It often seems like that this area is one of the most photographed area in the Southwest of the USA. Monument Valley is part of the so called "Grand Circle" which includes famous National Parks like the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Arches and other parks along the Colorado Plateau, only one reason why many visitors checking out the Valley.

Because there are so many pictures available today, most of them are taken right in the valley, I decided to show the scenic panoramic landscape of Monument Valley from further away, instead of the typical closer look of the sandstone buttes. To make the rock formations stand out better I photographed this panorama just before the sun was rising above the buttes.

Monument Valley is a "must see vacation spot" when in the area, unfortunately it can get a bit crowded during the main season which takes a little bit away from the spiritual and mystical atmosphere from this unique place.

I photographed this panorama silhouette of Monument Valley in March on a very cold spring morning with my Fuji 617 in the format 6x17cm on Fuji Velvia film. To get the photo digitized I used a Hasselblad X5 (Imacon) scanner.

Panorama scenic landscape with the silhouette of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park at sunrise on a clear but cold morning, northern Arizona / southern Utah, USA.

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Monument Valley Silhouette Scenic Landscape Panorama
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