Pictures Of Galapagos Islands Ecuador

Selection of Galapagos Islands pictures, photos and photo galleries, photographed by professional photographer Rolf Hicker.

My Galapagos Islands Pictures showing animals and nature pictures, Equador in South America.

The Galapagos Islands are a very unique overseas adventure travel location. Its wildlife is outstanding and mostly fearless of people. Take one of the Galapagos cruises to see a wide mix of seldom flowers, landscapes and pure nature.

For the adventure traveler we recommend to go diving (for experienced divers). The Galapagos Islands are a unique paradise.

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Land Iguana at the Galapagos Islands
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Portrait of a blue-footed booby bird on Española Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.
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A red and green colored male...
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The Lava Lizard can be found on...
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The land iguana is an animal found on...
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Stock Photo of masked booby birds
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Stock photo of a spotted scorpionfish...
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Scalloped Hammerhead shark
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Photo of a blue footed Booby on the...
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Preferring clear reef environments,...
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The Lava Heron aka Galapagos Heron is...
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Stock Photo of a Whale Shark and a Diver
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Picture of a Rock Crab in James Bay...
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Shark Pictures of a Galapagos Shark...
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