Photos for scientific name: Pagophilus Groenlandicus

Photo gallery for Pagophilus Groenlandicus, the scientific name for the cte Harp Seal.

The harp seal is also known under the scientific name Phoca Groenlandica.

This female harp seal made getting a funny animal picture easy, with the icicles on her whiskers...
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An aerial view of Harp Seals on the pack ice in the Gulf of St Lawrence in the Atlantic region of...
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A really cute baby seal picture taken on the ice floes of the Atlantic Ocean near Prince Edward...
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This relaxed and really cute harp seal puppy was a great animal for a picture on the ice floes near...
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Stock Photo of a white Harp Seal...
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This baby harp seal otherwise...
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A baby harp seal is born without...
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Also known as the saddleback...
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