Photo: Wooden Art First Nations Canada

Native art on wooden circles created by Canadian First Nations is a brilliant display of colors with stories relating to a variety of symbolic animals.

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Wooden Art First Nations Canada
Photo of art on wooden displays by the Canadian First Nations includes a variety of native drawings in Canada, North America.

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The First Nations people of Canada are extremely talented in the art work that they make with a majority of it being crafted or carved from wood. The center picture is that of a majestic whale painted onto a yellow background with ravens encircling the wooden structures around it.The Killer Whale is greatly respected by the First Nations people of Canada along with many other animals. There are many spiritual beliefs that are attached to each animal and each wooden carving that they make has a story attached to it.Many members of the First Nations of Canada spend their days creating wooden masterpieces some which include masks, totem poles, carvings and some make exquisite jewelry with a selection of animals on them. Many hours are spent making their native art and the finished products are very detailed and elegant.There are many tourist attractions throughout Canada that lets people into the world of the First Nations to explore some of their art. Much of Canada's history dates backs hundreds of years ago when the First Nations people first settled in Canada and their stories and legends are fascinating to learn about.First Nations of Canada, Native art, Canada, North America

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Wooden Art First Nations Canada
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