Photo: Wood Carver Duncan

A wood carver hard at work creating his native art at the Quw'utsun Cultural Centre in Duncan, British Columbia.

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Wood Carver Duncan
Photo of a wood carver at the Quw'utsun Cultural
Centre in Duncan, British Columbia.

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This wood carver in the Arts and Crafts section of the Quw'utsun Cultural Centre in Duncan on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada displays some of his creations. Native wood carving is a very time consuming profession but the masterpieces when finished are well worth every minute.The Quw'utsun Cultural Centre in Duncan lets visitors get a true feeling of the First Nations people and the artwork that they display. There is an exhibit in the gallery where a man sits and gives a demonstration on the techniques and patience of being a wood carver.At the centre, you will learn of the traditions and culture of the First Nations people of early years and ones that are still practiced today. Explore the six acres along the Cowichan River and leave the Quw'utsun Cultural Centre in Duncan with a better understanding of the native ways.The Quw'utsun Cultural Centre is located about forty-five minutes from either Nanaimo or Victoria in Duncan on Vancouver Island and is a great tourist attraction to visit. Not only can you watch a wood carver at work, you can purchase some of the amazing pieces of carvings, jewelry and clothing that are all handmade by the First Nations people in Cowichan, British Columbia.Wood carver, Quw'utsun Cultural Centre, Duncan, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, North America.

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I photographed this photo with the digital SLR camera model Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 9000 ED, aperture of , exposure time of sec. on ISO , as always I used a original Canon Lens, the focus lenght for this picture was .

Wood Carver Duncan
Rolf Hicker Photography
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