Photo: Vienna Tourism Horse Buggy Sightseeing Tour Hofburg Palace

A horse and buggy sightseeing tour ambles slowly past the Hofburg Palace, a top sight in the city of Vienna, Austria. A horse and buggy ride is a popular way of exploring the historic sights and architecture of Vienna.

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Vienna Tourism Horse Buggy Sightseeing Tour Hofburg Palace
Photo of a Horse and buggy sightseeing tour in front of Hofburg Palace, Vienna, Austria, Europe.

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It's an unusual and exciting way to see a city such as Vienna, sitting on the back of a buggy, watching the horses trotting along in front of you within the expert hands of the driver, and being able to see the sights around you at a leisurely pace, and not whizzing by in a car. The city of Vienna was built when a horse and buggy was the most popular way of navigating the streets, so this method is an ideal way to see the city now - the roads are narrow for cars, but a perfect size for the buggy and due to the fascinating architecture and unusual sights, viewing at a horses' pace means you are unlikely to miss much.

The Hofburg Palace in Vienna is a must see on any sightseeing tour, and is an important building in Viennese history, especially in the history of the Royal Family. It is also the current resident of the President of Austria and it was always the winter residence of the Habsburg Royal Family. For lovers of French history, it was the birthplace of Marie Antoinette in 1755.

Sitting in the back of a buggy can make anyone feel like they have stepped back in time and allows life to slow down just a little bit. In Vienna, there is such a strong mix of both history and modern buildings, that riding in a traditional horse and buggy may seem odd at first, but eventually you feel like you can become part of the fabric of this city's history as well.

Horse and buggy sightseeing tour in front of Hofburg Palace,Vienna, Austria, Europe

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Vienna Tourism Horse Buggy Sightseeing Tour Hofburg Palace
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