Photo: Single Tree Poppy Field Apulia Italy

Panorama photo of Italian landscape with a single tree surrounded by a red poppy field in Apulia, Italy.

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Single Tree Poppy Field Apulia Italy
Panorama photo of a single tree standing on the back of a red poppy field in Apulia, Southern Italy.

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I was lucky to find this large poppy field (Common Poppies, Papaver rhoeas) with red poppies on a trip for a travel guide in Southern Italy in spring.

I selected spring to travel to Southern Italy to avoid the super hard summer light as well as the heat. It was the right timing as I was able to find a few large poppy fields, especially in the Gargano region in Apulia.

This is one of my favorite poppy field pictures, simply because of the large single tree in the background. The tree gives this panorama photo a lot of depth as well as a strong focus point.

I photographed this panoramic Italian landscape scene in Apulia with my Fuji 617 in the format 6x7cm on Fuji Velvia film, later scanned with the Hasselld (Imacon) X5 scanner.

Panorama: Field of Common Poppies with a single tree in the region of Gargano, Apulia, in Southern Italy, Europe.

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Single Tree Poppy Field Apulia Italy
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