Photo: Shipwrecks Long Beach Washington

A sign showing the number of shipwrecks along the coast off Long Beach in Washington, USA.

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Shipwrecks Long Beach Washington
Photo of a sign at Long Beach in Washington, USA relating information on all the shipwrecks that have happened here.

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While strolling along the boardwalk at Long Beach in Washington, USA you can enjoy the beautiful ocean view and read the information signs along the way. This sign relates some details of all of the shipwrecks that have taken place over the years at Long Beach.

The Long Beach Peninsula in Washington, USA has taken approximately seven hundred lives in close to two thousand shipwrecks over the last three hundred years. The waters off of Long Beach are extremely dangerous due to the fact that the Columbia River meets the ocean here and during raging storms the waves made the ships turn and deal with the waves sideways. This was a hard battle to win against the powers of the ocean and many captains were fighting a losing battle during these treacherous storms.

Lighthouses were built along the Long Beach Peninsula in 1856 and 1989 making the number of shipwrecks decrease and saving many people from their deaths in these waters. Today, boats are equipped with all the modern day electronics and captains can properly figure out how close they are to the shore making shipwrecks far and few between.

When visiting Long Beach in Washington, USA there are a few of the shipwrecks that can still be seen when you venture out to some of the points, more so at low tide. If you can get close to any of the pieces of the shipwrecks, be sure to snap some pictures, you never know what you have discovered but the marine archeologies have probably beat you to the punch.

The area of the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington, USA is also known as the Graveyard of the Pacific because of all the shipwrecks. There is bound to be some incredible stories of the horror that these crew members went through before ending up as another casualty of the ocean's fury.

Long Beach, Washington, USA, North America.

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Shipwrecks Long Beach Washington
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