Photo: Salmon Glacier Scenery British Columbia

The scenery from above the Salmon Glacier in British Columbia, BC is stunning as beautiful purple wildflowers flourish along the mountain cliffs.

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Salmon Glacier Scenery British Columbia
Photo of the landscape and scenery that surrounds the Salmon Glacier in British Columbia, Canada.

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Looking down upon the Salmon Glacier in British Columbia, you can see a massive amount of ice that resembles a river towered over by the rocky cliffs that are adorned with wildflowers. The Salmon Glacier is the fifth largest glacier in North America which borders on Alaska and British Columbia.

The face of the Salmon Glacier never seems to look the same as the crevasses are changing continuously due to the ice flow. The Salmon Glacier sits at 4,300 feet in the beautiful alpine valley of British Columbia which eventually will end up at sea level. The drive along Glacier Highway lets you enjoy the scenery from many different view points.

The Salmon Glacier is one of nature's most fascinating features in Alaska and British Columbia as it winds around rock hillsides that have been carved out by the glacier. On a yearly basis, Summit Lake that is situated at the northern end of the Salmon Glacier, will break an ice dam that will flow underneath the glacier until it reaches the river which in turn causes the river to rise considerably for a few days.

It is best to check out the road conditions before travelling to the Salmon Glacier as winter conditions can be extremely hazardous. Along the way you will pass a variety of gold mines, one which is now Westmin Gold that has been running since the 1920's.

This trip in British Columbia and through Hyder, Alaska is one that gives you a true perspective of one of the most fascinating glaciers throughout British Columbia and the astounding scenery of the region.

Salmon Glacier, British Columbia, Canada, North America

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Salmon Glacier Scenery British Columbia
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