Photo: Rainy Day Shopping Toronto Ontario Chinatown

The street of Chinatown in Toronto, Ontario is full of people who love shopping even on a rainy day when umbrellas are required.

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Rainy Day Shopping Toronto Ontario Chinatown
Photo of the people wandering and shopping
in Chinatown in Toronto, Ontario on a rainy day.

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As far down the street of Chinatown in Toronto, Ontario that one can see, brightly colored signs hang above each of the stores advertising their products which they carry. People love shopping in Chinatown even on a rainy day which one can see in this picture as below the signs, umbrellas and people line the sidewalks.

Chinatown lures in thousands of people every year whether it is for souvenirs, clothing, food or simply to enjoy a meal in one of the many restaurants. Swerving in and out of the people can sometimes be a little frustrating, but shopping is like that for most people in any of the larger shopping centers where the items are much higher priced.

In Toronto, Ontario shoppers will find at least seven different Chinatowns, four within the boundaries of the city and three others located in the suburbs. The Chinese population in Toronto, Ontario is the largest in Canada with more and more people moving into the city everyday making Chinatown areas very popular for shopping. A rainy day never puts a stop to people who enjoy shopping, they just carry one extra item with them - that being an umbrella.

While visiting Toronto, Ontario, be sure to visit Chinatown and browse through all the shops where you can find an assortment of traditional goods for low prices. The largest Chinatown shopping area is one named Old Chinatown where a range of culture explodes including Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai.

For those who prefer quieter shopping areas, head to the smaller Chinese shopping grounds where there is still quite a variety of goods. A vacation to Toronto is never complete without a day of shopping in Chinatown, but many prefer to wait for a sunny day, although rainy days can be quite a challenge.

Street signs in Chinatown in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Rainy Day Shopping Toronto Ontario Chinatown
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