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Photo: Polar Bear Yawn Churchill Manitoba

A large Polar Bear, having just woken from a nap in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Manitoba, yawns before moving on.

This Polar Bear decided it was time to wake up after resting, punctuated by a wide yawn. Hopefully this is a yawn and not a growl as that would be a whole different display of bear traits and ones that are not considered too friendly.

The Polar Bear will communicate with other bears either by displaying body movements and vocalizations together or simply by a loud growl. A very deep growl from a Polar Bear means it is a warning to other bears to stay clear especially if they are defending their food or young.

There are many different characteristics that a Polar Bear portrays when communicating with another one of his kind but a growl usually means business. A mother will growl at her cubs in a softer tone when trying to teach them a lesson or scold them.

When the tundra begins to freeze over in Churchill, Manitoba, which can start to happen overnight, the Polar Bears will begin to arise in search of food. ... continue below the picture...

Polar Bear Yawn Churchill Manitoba

Polar Bear Yawn Churchill Manitoba
Photo of a Polar Bear showing off a big yawn while standing on the icy
tundra near the town of Churchill, Manitoba.

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... They have been resting for months and you will see each Polar Bear awaken and a yawn usually always follow.

They need this rest as hard work lays ahead depending on what they are after and this is why they spend a great deal of time resting so that they can conserve all of their energy for the cold winter around Churchill, Manitoba.

Many tours are offered where you can watch these bears from a tundra buggy, but be sure to stay inside as a growl could mean business. Even though a yawn looks cute as they arise, the Polar Bear is always alert and would definitely be the winner of any kind of confrontation with humans that ventured too close to their surroundings in Churchill.

Polar Bear, Ursus maritimus, in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, Hudson Bay, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

Technical Information:
I photographed this photo with the digital SLR camera model Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II, aperture of f/6.3, exposure time of 1/320 sec. on ISO 100, as always I used a original Canon Lens, the focus lenght for this picture was 200mm.

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Polar Bear Yawn Churchill Manitoba
A large Polar Bear, having just woken from a nap in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Manitoba, yawns before moving on.
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Rolf Hicker
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cdn_k3s34213 - Polar Bear Yawn Churchill Manitoba

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