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Photo: Pictures Of Trains Arizona

A freight train travels alongside Historic Route 66 in the desert landscape of Arizona in the United States of America.

Many years ago, trains were a very common part of the desert scenery as they made their way across the USA and past the town of Seligman, Arizona. Pictures of these freight trains were easy for travellers to take as you would always hear the train coming and have ample time to get your camera ready.A railroad camp which was known as Prescott Junction after the "Peavine" Railroad was completed back in 1895, eventually became the town of Seligman. Seligman was a main stop for the trains and when the idea of Route 66 became apparent in the 1920's, the town of Seligman accepted it with open arms.The trains as well as the tourists that came to visit Arizona were the main source of income for the town of Seligman. For many years, trains brought goods in and out of the town until the years in the late 1970's when the Interstate was built and the town of Seligman was passed by. By 1985, the railroad company closed up its business and trains were no longer seen in Seligman, Arizona. ... continue below the picture...

Pictures Of Trains Arizona

Pictures Of Trains Arizona
Photo of a freight train near the town of Seligman, Arizona that runs alongside the Historic Route 66.

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Pictures Of Trains Arizona

... Most of the towns around Seligman, Arizona became ghost towns and tourists pass by to take pictures of the abandoned places but Seligman still lives on. There are an abundant of interesting things to see in this town and one should visit while travelling across Arizona.Train, near Seligman, Historic Route 66, Arizona, USA, North America.

Technical Information:
I photographed this photo with the digital SLR camera model Canon EOS-1DS, aperture of f/6.3, exposure time of 1/250 sec. on ISO 100, as always I used a original Canon Lens, the focus lenght for this picture was 130mm.

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Pictures Of Trains Arizona
A freight train travels alongside Historic Route 66 in the desert landscape of Arizona in the United States of America.
Rolf Hicker
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t2750 - Pictures Of Trains Arizona

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