Photo: Picture Of Butterfly Chrysalis

This picture is a display of three green chrysalids and one brown chrysalis which are from the Common Blue Morpho Butterfly and a Brown Heliconidae at the Victoria Butterfly Gardens on Vancouver Island.

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Picture Of Butterfly Chrysalis
Photo of a fascinating display of four butterfly chrysalis at the Victoria Butterfly Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia.

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The three green, berry like chrysalids are part of the life cycle of the Common Blue Morpho Butterfly while the brown chrysalis is from the Brown Heliconidae Butterfly. This picture was taken at the Victoria Butterfly Gardens on Vancouver Island in British Columbia where visitors can watch various species of butterflies flutter around them and see the examples of the chrysalis stage.As in this picture, most chrysalids are formed out in the open where it gives visitors to the butterfly gardens an excellent opportunity to view them. These chrysalids are attached to a surface that is like that of Velcro which was created by the caterpillar in the form of a silken pad with a set of hooks at the very tips.Each butterfly varies on the length of time spent in the chrysalis stage and most of the time, there is very little movement until their full alteration takes place. When at the Victoria Butterfly Gardens on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, you may be lucky enough to actually watch a butterfly pump and expand its wings to emerge from the chrysalis.This tourist attraction is the ideal place for kids as well as adults, where one can learn the entire stage that a butterfly goes through in its lifetime. Each type of chrysalis varies slightly in looks and texture but when each butterfly emerges, they all come out as beautiful creatures.Three green Common Blue Morpho Butterfly, Morpho peleides chrysalis, and one brown Heliconidae chrysalis, Butterfly Cocoons at Victoria Butterfly Gardens, Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

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I photographed this photo with the digital SLR camera model Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II, aperture of f/13.0, exposure time of 1/250 sec. on ISO 200, as always I used a original Canon Lens, the focus lenght for this picture was 180mm.

Picture Of Butterfly Chrysalis
Scientific Name:
Morpho peleides
Rolf Hicker Photography
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