Photo: Picture Of A Beach Sunset USA

Ruby Beach on the Olympic Peninsula is an awesome place for pictures of stunning sunsets and crashing ocean waves.

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Picture Of A Beach Sunset USA
Photo of beautiful soft colours of a sunset over Ruby Beach in Washington, USA.

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As you stand on Ruby Beach on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, USA at low tide, the beach stretches along the coastline as sunset begins to close in. Beautiful soft hues encompass Ruby Beach and create a magnificent opportunity for a picture.Hundreds of rocks are exposed at low tide as well as many areas of the uniquely colored sand. As far as you can see out over the horizon, rocks protrude around the ocean mist as the pink hues from the sunset filter through the far off clouds.Once the tide heads back to shore, waves crash against the massive rocks that are grounded on the ocean floor. If the winds pick up and the weather changes, it poses another opportunity for a fascinating picture. Storms can be wild along Ruby Beach but in another sense they can be incredibly breathtaking to watch.Ruby Beach is a spectacular and tranquil location along the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, USA but always be aware of the tides. Once the tide works its way in, the beach disappears and you can get stranded on the rocks that line the shore.Low tide and the right light such as this, creates a stunning picture of the beautiful coastline of the Olympic Peninsula in the USA.Sunset over Ruby Beach, Olympic Peninsula, Olympic National Park, Washington, USA.

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I photographed this photo with the digital SLR camera model Canon EOS-1DS, aperture of f/8.0, exposure time of 1/13 sec. on ISO 100, as always I used a original Canon Lens, the focus lenght for this picture was 50mm.

Picture Of A Beach Sunset USA
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