Photo: Panorama Yosemite Valley Bridal Veil Falls Yosemite National Park

Panorama view of the iconic Yosemite Valley with Bridalveil Falls Falls in Spring, California, USA.

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Well, I guess I slowly can start what I planned for many years, kind of a daily picture blog with what ever comes into my mind. I work daily on my pictures, no matter if they are 15 years old, shot on film or shot yesterday digitally and I thought this is a great way to share them with you. Let me called it simply: "just whatever comes in my mind photo blog" - which means I share with you what ever comes in my mind when I work on my photos.

To day I was working on a shot which I also want to show on Google Pus on Wednesday for my photo curated theme #TravelPanoWednesday - a travel panorama shot of the beautiful iconic Yosemite Valley with Bridalveil Falls, El Captain and Cathedral Rocks in Yosemite National Park in California, USA.

I scanned this panoramic photo from a 6x17cm Fuji Velvia slide film (YES, that old but great stuff) on 16 bit on the Hasselblad Scanner X5 (great scanner by the way) which I shot probably 20 years ago. Sometimes I miss the good old times of film, when we still had to think what we were doing behind the camera.

I loved my Fuji 617 - it was very difficult to work with but for each photo I had to take my time, use a manual spot meter and sometimes grad filters which I only roughly could see using a 4x, ahh, well yes - check on the monitor, shoot again, check-shoot-check-shoot (ok, not quit that bad).

When I photographed this panorama picture of Yosemite Valley I had to measure multiple times. The light was constantly changing and made it really difficult to decide how to expose this the best.

I normally try to find my extreme spots first, here clearly the Bridalveil Falls and the clouds on the highlight side and the dark forest in the darks.

I ever only visited Yosemite National Park twice so far, first time when I was 18, did lots of hiking and had not too much glue of photography (just starting with the Zone System from Ansel Adams) and the second time when I shot this pano. This time I was on an assignment from a German Travel Magazine / Travel Guide kind a publisher. It was one of those on which I got 5 days to photograph all of the US - ok, not quit, but almost. So all I had this time was a short stop in the afternoon, it was terrible only to spend 2 hours in the park but the assignment did not leave me any room (had to be San Francisco for night shots, same day).

I can't wait to visit Yosemite Valley soon again - I probably would go in the winter if I have a choice to avoid the busy season, plus I simply love winter.

This is also my contribution today for google plus photo theme
#TravelPanoWednesday and #WaterfallWednesday- hope you like it.

Panorama photo nature of the Yosemite Valley in spring with Bridalveil Falls, El Capitan and Cathedral Rocks, Yosemite National Park, Californai, USA.

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Panorama Yosemite Valley Bridal Veil Falls Yosemite National Park
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