Photo: Panorama Quirpon Island Lighthouse Winter Newfoundland

Panorama photo of Quirpon Island Lighthouse on a cold winter day just after sunset at twilight in Newfoundland, Canada.

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Panorama Quirpon Island Lighthouse Winter Newfoundland
Panorama photo of Quirpon Island in winter at dusk, a magic moment but bitter cold, Newfoundland.

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This beautiful lighthouse (are there any not beautiful lighthouses ever??) is located on Quirpon Island just off the Great Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland. The lighthouse serves as a B&B in the summer month and I only can recommend it highly to everybody. Often the Humpback whales come right close to shore and there is hardly anything more exciting then sitting here on a high cliff and watching humpback whales below.

The lighthouse B&B, which is run by Linkumtours, is overlooking the Strait of belle Isle and the Labrador Sea, on a clear day you even can see the Labrador coast. In winter this is a different place, it is cold and often windy, actually quiet nasty at times.

I was lucky that a friend of a friend of mine (Barb Genge at Tuckamore Lodge) wanted to bring me out here with skidoos so I can photograph it. I'm not sure if there are any pictures existing from this lighthouse in winter at all. We had a beautiful sunset but I preferred to photograph the lighthouse and the scenery around after sunset, after the magenta hues were coming out. It was bitterly cold and the wind did not make it any easier for me to photograph it but I finally got a few shots which I'm extremely happy with.

In the right season the pack ice below the lighthouse is full with harp seals as well. One of the most fascinating things while I was here was the movement of the pack ice, it looks like a solid layer of ice but when I looked at it close I saw that it was all little bits and pieces, very close together. The ice made a constant crunching noise just to remind one that you can't trust it too much.

Driving back in the dark on a skidoos, crossing the ocean on ice sure made me a bit nervous after experiencing the constant cracking of the pack ice. But hey, I should not have been nervous at all as I had a local guy with me, and who would not this area better then the people which are living here for a long time...and fairly remote.

I photographed this scene with my Fuji 617 in format 6x17cm on Fuji Velvia Film, now I scanned it with the high resolution Hasselblad (Imacon) X5 scanner.

Panorama photo of the Quirpon Island Lighthouse in winter and pack ice at dusk, Newfoundland, Canada.

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Panorama Quirpon Island Lighthouse Winter Newfoundland
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