Photo: Nugget Point Lighthouse Catlins

High upon a rocky cliff in the Catlins, New Zealand sits the Nugget Point Lighthouse.

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Nugget Point Lighthouse Catlins
Photo of the Nugget Point Lighthouse in the Catlins on the South Island of New Zealand.

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The Nugget Point Lighthouse in Otago, New Zealand is located at 250 feet above the water on a steep cliff that is surrounded by an island of rocks known as The Nuggets. The lighthouse was built upon Nugget Point in 1869 and was first lit in July of 1870. In 1989, the lighthouse keepers were taken out and it has since become fully automated.

There is many years of history behind the Nugget Point Lighthouse in Otago, New Zealand with stories of friction and debate among the unhappy keepers. Things eventually worked themselves out and today the light from the Nugget Point Lighthouse flashes every 12 seconds and can be seen for approximately 35 kilometers.

Many seabirds use the Nugget Point Lighthouse as their place of residency and just below on the rocks there is a colony of fur seals. Visiting this lighthouse is spectacular as you listen to the sound of the sea crashing against the rocks, look out over the amazing scenery and watch the wildlife go about their daily routines.

Nugget Point Lighthouse which receives its name through the small nugget like rocks which extend out from the point in the Catlins along the Southern Scenic Route, Catlins Highway, on the East Coast, South Island, New Zealand.

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Nugget Point Lighthouse Catlins
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