Photo: Northern Lights Show Churchill Manitoba

A show of natural wonderment is displayed by the Northern Lights over Hudson Bay, Manitoba and an Inukshuk has been created on the landscape below.

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Northern Lights Show Churchill Manitoba
Photo of the Northern Lights performing their show above an Inukshuk in the town of Churchill, Manitoba in Canada.

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Three rows of lights seem to be dancing and swaying across the sky amongst the stars with a colorful display that shoots out behind an Inukshuk near the town of Churchill in the Canadian arctic in Manitoba in Canada. The night life is full of millions of magical creations but none of them are as fascinating as watching a spectacular show put on by the Northern Lights.

The Northern Lights are created when two forces, the solar wind and the Earth's magnetic field meet up with each other and begin to mingle. The solar wind particles hitting the gases of the Earth's atmosphere is what makes these lights glow in the night sky and produces a show to remember. The show can be fairly short, while other performances can last for quite awhile, only Mother Nature can predict these unique occurrences.

Why pay to see a show at a theater when you can sit along the shoreline in the town of Churchill, Manitoba and watch the night sky bring about a whole new meaning to the word show. Watching the millions of stars flicker in the sky near the town of Churchill, Manitoba is an amazing show in itself but once the Northern Lights take over, there are not enough words to explain their beauty.

This Inukshuk that was built along the shores near Churchill, Manitoba is another symbolic creation that represents strength, leadership and motivation. Between an Inukshuk and the Northern Lights, it would be hard to find another place that carries so much magic and spiritualism.

Northern Lights, Aurora borealis, above an inukshuk near town of Churchill, Hudson Bay, Manitoba, Canada.

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I photographed this photo with the digital SLR camera model Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II, aperture of f/2.8, exposure time of 1/0.076923 sec. on ISO 200, as always I used a original Canon Lens, the focus lenght for this picture was 16mm.

Northern Lights Show Churchill Manitoba
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