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Photo: Moose Stag Ontario

This large moose stag shows off his antlers in his natural environment in Ontario, Canada.

A moose stag is the largest you will find in the deer family and is distinguished from others by the palmate antlers. This picture of the stag was taken in Ontario, Canada where this moose roams the forests grazing on the plants and grass as he prominently displays his large antlers.

The antlers of the moose stag arise as cylindrical beams that extend on each side to the middle line of the skull and then divide into a fork like manner. There have been some moose stag in Ontario, Canada that have antlers that are over 6.5 feet in height and 6 feet across.

After a mating season the moose stag will drop his antlers so that he can save up enough energy for the long cold winters in Ontario, Canada. When spring reappears the antlers of the moose stag start to grow again which takes about three to five months.

The moose is a magnificent animal to see in the wild where it can roam freely but until you get a close look at a moose stag, the true reality of their size is just imagined. ... continue below the picture...

Moose Stag Ontario

Moose Stag Ontario
Photo of a moose stag in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada.

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Moose Stag Ontario

... Moose stag are a fairly common sight in Ontario, Canada so be sure to take some of the off roads in search of a moose stag and get the real meaning of life in Ontario, Canada.

Photo of a Moose Stag with impressive antlers in Canada.

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Moose Stag Ontario
This large moose stag shows off his antlers in his natural environment in Ontario, Canada.
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