Photo: Lago Di Garda Vacation Destination Trento Italy

This is a picture of the Lago Di Garda Waterfront in the popular vacation destination of Riva del Garda in the Province of Trento in Italy.

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Lago Di Garda Vacation Destination Trento Italy
Photo of the Lago di Garda waterfront in Riva del Garda, a popular vacation destination in the Province of Trento, Italy.

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Lights along the waterfront of Lago Di Garda in the popular vacation destination of Riva del Garda in the Province of Trento in Italy cast silver and gold reflections in the calm blue surface of Lake Garda at twilight. At the wharf on the Lago di Garda waterfront, ferries are tied, a convenient and relaxing way for tourists visiting this destination to get around the Lake and to and from its various towns.

For centuries, visitors have been enchanted by the charming lakeside towns and villages around Lago Di Garda as they stayed at this popular tourist destination in Trento, Italy. Riva del Garda, a town at the northern end of Lago di Garda, (Lake Garda in English), is large enough to support many shops and a busy market and the lakeside itself is packed with cafes and restaurants which have directed their business largely to tourists.

The Lago Di Garda waterfront also holds the town's museum, the Rocca, one of Garda's ancient fortresses. Near the Laqgo Di Garda waterfront are found very pretty, mature public gardens, perfect for a relaxing promenade or for a rest amidst the beautiful flowers and shrubbery. North of Riva del Garda lie remains of a Bronze Age Settlement and Castello d'Arco.

Lago di Garda is located in northern Italy and is reached from the north through the Brenner Pass. Being both the largest lake in Italy and very accessible, it is a popular tourist destination and a number of luxury hotels and resorts can be found along the shoreline which is divided by three provinces, Trento (north), Brescia (southwest), and Verona (southeast).

The Province of Trento is an almost wholly mountainous region and despite the mountainous terrain, agriculture remains very important with tourism the mainstay of its economy; the area is renowned for its wines, both still and sparkling. The history of the valleys of what is now known as Trento in Italy began in the mid-Stone Age. Visitors looking for a vacation destination that can offer history, photography, hiking, rock climbing, horseriding, paragliding or shopping can find everything to pique their curiosity and can take heart that they are among a celebrated list of lovers of this area that includes Dante, Goethe, D. H. Lawrence and James Joyce.

Dusk along the Lake Garda Waterfront in the resort town of Riva del Garda, Province of Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy, Europe.

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Lago Di Garda Vacation Destination Trento Italy
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