Photo: Goat Island Marine Reserve

Goat Island Marine Reserve is a unique place where a glass bottom takes groups of people to explore the underwater world of the New Zealand waters.

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Goat Island Marine Reserve
Photo of a glass bottom boat that tours people around the Goat Island Marine Reserve on the North Island of New Zealand.

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The shallow waters around Goat Island are ideal for people wanting to enjoy the undersea world of this marine reserve located near Leigh on the North Island of New Zealand. This marine reserve was created in 1975 but did not open until the year of 1977 and has been a prime location for scientific research and a place where diving is introduced to different groups of people.

Under these waters off Goat Island on the North Island of New Zealand one can enjoy the magic of a multitude of fish, sea urchins and other sea life as you snorkel or scuba dive. Fish are plentiful in this area and children find it very exciting to watch fish swim around and through their legs.

The channel around the Goat Island Marine Reserve is not overly deep but there may be a current that one should pay attention to especially if there is a strong wind blowing from the northwest. It is best not to travel to Goat Island within a week or so after a storm as the visibility in the water can become very murky. If you want the clearest waters, head to the Marine Reserve on a sunny day when there is no wind or just a small breeze.

For those who would prefer to stay dry, another New Zealand attraction is waiting for you, a glass bottom boat will take you around the marine reserve to watch the fish below and then journey around Goat Island where there are caves that you can view.

Visitors to New Zealand can reach the Marine Reserve by car which is approximately ninety kilometers from Auckland. Exploring the natural wonders of the undersea world is fascinating and very knowledgeable especially for the younger generation. It is a thrill that they will always remember and Goat Island Marine Reserve will definitely be a highlight on their vacation.

Goat Island, Marine Reserve, near Leigh, Northland, East Coast, North Island, New Zealand.

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Goat Island Marine Reserve
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