Photo: Eskimos In Alaska

It is not unusual to see the Eskimo people in traditional garb even in today's modern Alaska.

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Eskimos In Alaska
Photo of a Inuit, Eskimo female in an original Parka, Alaska, USA

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The "Inuit" or Eskimos of Alaska, modern or traditional, are the heart of the Alaskan landscape. An ancient people that has grown with the State and are actively involved in its future. An authentic Alaskan adventure would be dog sledding across the open Tundra or hunkered down over an ice hole fishing with an Inuit guide to teach you. Winter or summer there are so many things to learn from this unique people. Many are involved in guiding and leading groups into the Wilderness for camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing, and other assorted adventure activities. The Inuit hold their Elders in high esteem and it is not unusual to see them in traditional costume out amongst the crowd; still teaching and leading the youth of today.

Eskimos In Alaska
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