Photo: Canoe Kluane Lake Panorama Landscape Photography

This landscape pictures with a canoe on Kluane Lake in the Yukon was chosen for the cover of my German panoramic nature and landscape book

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Canoe Kluane Lake Panorama Landscape Photography
Picture of a yellow canoe on Kluane Lake in the Yukon, Canada.

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Panoramic Stock Photo of a yellow canoe on Kluane Lake in the Yukon in northern Canada. it was one of those "lucky" shots. After a day of heavy rain, a day of shooting movie time lapses of clouds for a nature documentary, we decided to call it in a little earlier. We were very burned out by the time we reached Kluane Lake.

We just started to clean the equipment for the day when suddenly the cloud cover broke one more time. I knew immediately it won't last very long. I grabbed some of my cameras and ran to the shore of Kluane Lake. I'm sure, if there were any bears around I must have scared them away by the speed I was running.

Beautiful colors came out but the shot was kind a "boring". I discovered a couple in a canoe out on the Lake and thought that must be it.

I started screaming at them and asked them if they would borrow me their canoe for 5 minutes to take some pictures - luckily they agreed and I got some beautiful shots of the yellow canoe along the shoreline of Kluane Lake.

I used the shot later on my German book cover, a poster, panoramic calendars and advertisement posters for my S-16mm/slide-show "Faszination der Wildnis - Kanada, which attracted over 120000 visitors within 2 years of touring (6 month each) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

The image was photographed with a 6x17 panoramic camera and on Fuji Velvia real film.

Canoe Kluane Lake Panorama Landscape Photography
Rolf Hicker Photography
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