Photo: Brown Bears Fishing Brooks Falls Waterfall Alaska

This photo of two brown bears fishing at Brooks Falls waterfall in Katmai National Park in Alaska was originally captured on medium format (6x7) film.

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Brown Bears Fishing Brooks Falls Waterfall Alaska
Photo of two large brown bears fishing at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, Alaska, USA.

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Brooks Falls waterfall in Katmain National Park in Alaska is probably one of the best known locations to watch and photograph brown bears (Ursus arctos) fishing for salmon. Or I think I better say waiting on the waterfall till a salmon jumps right into their mouth. It is a amzing to watch those huge brown bears, they are hardly moving anything but the head once a while, a truly amazing sight.

I only was lucky enough so far to visit Katmain National Park once with my cameras, this is years back when not too many people knew about this beautiful and interesting spot. I remember that we could not leave our small water-plane for over one hour because two bears were going up and down the beach, I never will forget that special welcome they were giving us. The only problem was that it was slowly getting dark and the pilot still had to return to his base. In those days there were more brown bears in the park then people over the full season - it was estimated that over 2000 brown bears called Katmain National Park their home

I remember spending about 3 days photographing the bears, chasing what is still up to date one of my own favorite bear pictures with two brown bears standing on Brooks falls waterfall and one salmon jumping right up towards one of the bears.

Back in those days I was mainly shooting for calendars, books and posters and this was one of my first fine art photography poster. It was simply stunning mainly because the resolution was so large - I captured this wildlife photo with a Mamiya RZ 67!! Yes, with a 6x7 medium format camera on the good old file - Fuji Provia.

I'm very excited that I now could re-scan the image on my high resolution Hasselblad X5 (Imacon) scanner. This image looks absolutely amazing on a large canvas wrap.

This picture is now also available as a free high resolution computer background (wallpaper) - please follow the link underneath the picture "free wallpaper".

Two brown bears (Ursus arctos) fishing on the Brooks Falls waterfall in Katmai National Park, Alaska, photographed in medium format 6x7 on film.

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Brown Bears Fishing Brooks Falls Waterfall Alaska
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