Photo: Baby Animal Pictures Orca Spyhopping

Baby Animal Pictures, Cute young orca whale spyhopping beside a whale watching boat off Vancouver Island

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Baby Animal Pictures Orca Spyhopping
Photo of a baby Orca Whale spyhoping, cute baby animals, British Columbia, Canada

Pictures from photo gallery: "Killer Whale Pictures"

Stock of Baby Animal Pictures. I caught this very young orca spyhopping one day out in Johnstone Strait, mimicing the rest of the pod and getting a view from above the water. It's great to capture cute baby animal pictures like this one. See my Portfolio on Killer Whales and the story on Whale Watching in BC, British Columbia.

This picture is part of the photo album "Killer Whale Pictures" - there are more beautiful images waiting for you.

Baby Animal Pictures Orca Spyhopping
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Rolf Hicker Photography
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CRW 6100

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Vancouver Island
British Columbia

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