Photo: Abel Tasman Sea Kayaking Adventure NZ

A great family vacation adventure during a visit to New Zealand is paddling the pristine waters of the Abel Tasman National Park during a sea kayaking Tour.

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Abel Tasman Sea Kayaking Adventure NZ
Photo of a sea kayaking adventure in the
Abel Tasman National Park of New Zealand.

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The coastline of the Abel Tasman National Park on the South Island of New Zealand is the ideal location for a sea kayaking adventure! The cool clear waters that sweep across the white granite sands beneath are home to an array of marine animals such as New Zealand Fur Seals, and little blue penguins, while the skies and rocky outcrops are full of a variety of sea birds.

An eco-friendly method of sightseeing in the Abel Tasman National Park, sea kayaking gets you as close as possible (and allowed) to wildlife without disturbing their daily activities while also allowing the exploration of the dynamic coastline of the park. The sound of your paddle dipping into the water with each stroke is the only man-made noise heard. Meanwhile, natural sounds abound in the form of sea birds hollering either above or from their rocky roosts, or the odd splash of a fur seal as it frolics in the water off your bow.

Captivated by the many sights and sounds of your sea kayaking adventure, you will hardly notice the time or distance slip by as you paddle into pristine lagoons and coves where fresh water rivers meet the sea, all fringed by lush native New Zealand forest.

There's a variety of tours available by operators of sea kayaking adventures in the Abel Tasman National Park and most cater to anyone and their abilities - from beginner to seasoned paddlers. Incorporated into the kayaking adventure is also, in most cases, a hike for at least 20-30 minutes where the kayak guides double as a nature guide and show visitors the park from a different perspective.

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Anchorage Bay Lagoon, Abel Tasman National Park, Tasman District, South Island, New Zealand. Model Released.

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Abel Tasman Sea Kayaking Adventure NZ
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