Pictures Of Volterra City Tuscany

Photo gallery of Volterra, a medieval city in the Tuscany, Italy, photographed by professional photographer Rolf Hicker.

Colourful postcards and other trinkets are sold at souvenir shops like this one throughout the city of Volterra,...
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The view over the varied rooftops of Volterra, an original Neolithic settlement in the Province of Pisa, in Tuscany,...
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This style of Barred window is a common sight in the city of Volterra, Tuscany in Italy, and are used as much for...
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One of the many windows on the facade of the Palazzo Pretorio in the city of Volterra, Tuscany in Italy.
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The beautiful Rose Window is one of...
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This Tower House, Case Torri...
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The Octagonal Baptistery in Volterra,...
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The Piazza dei Priori in Volterra,...
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The Plants and Window Bars filling...
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These busy shop windows in the city...
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The Romanesque Facade of the Duomo in...
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This Ancient Roman Stage or Theatre...
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