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A selection of pictures and photos of the City of Regina, a glittering oasis in the flat prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada dubbed The Queen City.

A view across Wascana Lake at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building at night in the city of Regina, the province of...
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A view behind an 'I Love Regina' sign of the City Hall Building and fountain, located in Queen Elizabeth II Court in...
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The stillness of the water shows off the colorful reflections coming from the Legislative Building in the City of...
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The high rise towers and detailed bison sculpture can be seen from down below looking towards the sky in the...
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All the colors of a beautiful and...
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An equestrian statue of Queen...
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Every Saturday during the summer...
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The grounds of the Legislative...
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The beautiful architecture of the...
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A modern styled building in the City...
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An RCMP member from the academy in...
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The central business district of the...
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