Pictures Of Heather And Paul McCartney

Images from a photo shoot with Heather Mills and Paul McCartney on the Ice with Harp Seal Babies

Rolf photographs Heather Mills and Paul McCartney with cute harp seal pups on the ice:

Here are the first images from a photo shoot with Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Heather Mills McCartney, taken in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Sir Paul and Heather Mills McCartney were invited to venture out onto the ice floes of Canada by the Humane Society of the United States to draw international attention to the plight of the harp seals.

Rolf's field notes: "It has been an amazing experience to be out on the ice floes in the Gulf of St. Lawrence with the McCartneys. We had a very intense time on the ice with several 2-4 day old white harp seal pups, although it was very cold which made photography very difficult.

The harp seal pups were at peace in their pristine white surroundings and it was extremely sad knowing that most of the seals we photographed would be either be bludgeoned or shot to death in just a few weeks, by men. ...More information below photos...

One of the those difficult and political animal rescues, the Canadian baby harp seal hunt is an activity opposed to...
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This female harp seal made getting a funny animal picture easy, with the icicles on her whiskers she kept popping her...
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A really cute baby seal picture taken on the ice floes of the Atlantic Ocean near Prince Edward Island and...
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A Cute and Funny shot of a harp seal mama and her little 3 day old pup
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A cute harp seal, also known as a...
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Also known as the saddleback seal,...
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Heather and Paul McCartney are more...
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Only days old, this cute baby Harp...
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One look at these cute baby animals...
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This relaxed and really cute harp...
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A herd of cute harp seal babys were...
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The Harp Seal puppies on the ice...
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After spending almost all day with Sir Paul and Heather Mills McCartney then having a private dinner with them and just a few other people, the most striking thing was just how "down to earth and how emotionally involved in the harp seal issue they were".

It is regretful what some media have written about them, trying to put them in a bad light. From personal experience I can asure you that the McCartneys are great people!

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