Great Bear Rainforest Pictures

Photo gallery of pictures and photos from the Great Bear Rainforest along the British Columbia coast, photographed by travel photographer Rolf Hicker.

The Great Bear Rainforest is a difficult to reach but great to photograph area along the British Columbia coast. It is an area with lots of interesting wildlife like bald eagles, bears and whales and amazing scenery, old growth forest and beautiful landscapes.

Enjoy my photos from this unique area - the Great Bear Rainforest.

A very special and seldom sight, a grizzly bear mom nursing her little cub, photographed in the Great Bear...
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Close up action photograph of a bald eagle with a fish in its talons, photographed in the Great Bear Rainforest in...
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Surreal mystic photo of a bald eagle sitting on a branch in heavy fog along the British Columbia coast within the...
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Resting on rocks and logs, a cute Grizzly Bear family picture taken along the mainland coastline of British Columbia,...
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Photographed along the British...
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Adult fishing bald eagle with wide...
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A band of fog blurs the waterline...
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Fresh flowing water of a small...
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Heavy fog and mist after a typical...
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Large bald eagle in flight over the...
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A stunning coastal mountain waterfall...
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